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Casuarina Beach | Top Places to visit in Jaffna,

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Casuarina Beach

This is a pleasant beach with shallow water and corals where you can enjoy a swim. The beach is fringed by Casuarina trees. These trees can survive within a dry Climate and grow in sandy soils.

It is probably due to its spiky branches which look like the feathers of the cassowary that the name of ‘casuarina’ has been given to this tree.

Reaching the Vaddukodai junction (the Portuguese Church is on your right) drive straight to reach the western tip of the peninsula. Once there, take the causeway which is on your left, across the water. Upon reaching the island on the other side, turn right at the first junction and then drive 900 m and turn right again. Drive north approximately 1.7 km where the road turns right. Follow it for 300 m and take the track which is on your left. The beach is 600 m from that point.

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