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Lifestyles of Jaffna ~ An Exhibition to Preserve Our History and Heritage

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Lifestyles of Jaffna ~ An Exhibition to Preserve Our History and Heritage

The Department of History, University of Jaffna has organized this exhibition, towards gaining insights about our history and heritage and educating people about it.

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Traditional Foods of Jaffna

Traditional Dress and Jewellery of Jaffna

This Exhibition is planned to showcase all possibly available ancient goods and facts, which expose and prove the historical facts about the ancient people of Jaffna Peninsula, their ancient homes and residences, style and process of their life, population and inhabitation.

Traditional Houses in the Peninsula

Eco Friendly Fences in Jaffna

The recent goods and their images and photos which prove the ancestry of the Jaffna Peninsula, hereditary culture etc. are exhibited according to periodical order.

Most of the exhibited goods, images, sculptures, symbols, facts, etc. are collected by the students of the Jaffna University, by visiting various parts of the Jaffna Peninsula. The ancient goods including sculptures, images etc from the University Museum are also exhibited. The ancient goods discovered in archaeological excavations are also exhibited.

Ruins in Kantharodai

Seminars will be conducted at the Arts Faculty of the University during the days of the Exhibition. Indian Scholars ~ namely, Professors MS. Rajan, Selva Kumar, Adiyaman, and Doctor Rajagopal, More than fifteen Scholars from the universities in Southern part of the country will submit their research papers at the seminar.
Dr. Senerath Dissanayake, the Director General of Archaeological Department will be present as the Chief Guest at the inaugural ceremony of the Exhibition. Professor Vasanthy Arasaratnam – Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna will be the Honorary Guest. The exhibition will be held from 24th September 2011 ~ 27th September 2011 at the Faculty of Arts of University of Jaffna, from 9am ~ 4.30pm. “Lifestyles of Jaffna” is conducted by the Faculty of Arts of University of Jaffna in collaboration with Kalaikesari Tamil magazine.

Kingdom of Nallur

The ancient goods and items to be exhibited are:~

-The drainage and water supply systems and agricultural implements
-Systems of structures, temples, houses and sculptures, ancient fishing systems and implements
-Techniques of producing ancient implements made with iron, copper,etc
-Furniture and domestic implements
-Methods of producing palmyrah goods and food items
-Techniques of building boats, bullock carts,etc
-Traditional food items
-Educational systems in ancient Jaffna Peninsula,etc
-Dialects in the Jaffna Peninsula

Traditional Occupations in the Peninsula

Bull Cart Race in the Peninsula

Keerimalai ~ Naguleswaram is one of famous five Lord Sivan temples in Sri Lanka

Traditional Household Items of Jaffna

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