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Deegawapi Dagoba, Ampara | Yarltourism

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Deegawapi Dagoba, Ampara

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Deegavapi Viharaya is the sixth one of the Solosmasthana ( Sixteen most secret places to worship in Srilanka – where Load Buddha visited) and has a history up to 6th century B.C.

Load Buddha visited Sri Lanka 3 times. On the 3rd time , first he visited to Kelaniya, then to mountain Sri Pada and rest in Diva Guhawa. On his return journey, he stay some time In Deegawapiya . It was stated that he was accompanied with 500 arahaths. It says that a dageba call “Naka Seya” was constructed with the “Niya Dhathu” (nail )of load Buddha at that time.

Mal Asanaya at Deegawapi Stupaya

During the era of King Dutugemunu, his brother prince Thissa was ruling Deegawapi area and did numerous developments activities for Irrigation and facilitate the process of producing rice to the nation. So according to Mahavansa, the current Deegawapi Dageba was Constructed by king Saddhatissa (137-119 BC) at that time.

Remainings of the Eth Panthiya ( Row of elephant statues) at Deegawapi Stupaya
Remainings of the Eth Panthiya ( Row of elephant statues) at Deegawapi Stupaya
With the fall of Anuradhapura and then Polonnaruwa Kingdoms, and moving the capital of Sri Lanka towards central and southern parts, Deegawapiya area was abandoned and Taken over by jungle. During the Kandy kingdom time, due to the harassment done by Portuguese to Muslims who lived in costal line, King Senarath order them to settle in this area.

Siripathul gal at Deegawapi Stupaya
The recent history of Deegavapiya started in 1916 with the arrival of ven Kohukumbure Revatha thero. He found that villages Used to taken away the bricks from a structure in a deep jungle and that was Deegawapi Dageba. Ven Revatha Thero was able to stop that destruction And reclaim the land for Deegavapi temple and allow devotes to visit and warship. Unfortunately Ven Revatha Thero was killed by a Muslim person in early 1950s.

With the recent development in the area, road to the Deegavapi viharaya was renovated and has a good road access from Ampara. Now this stupa is being renovated by Archeological department.

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