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J /Chundikuli Girls College

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J /Chundikuli Girls College

Mrs.Dushy Thuseetharan
Chundikuli Girls College has been one of the pioneering institutions in the field of women’s education in Jaffna, SriLanka. Many generations of students have passed through the portals of this college into many walks of life. It is a caring school community which offers increased opportunities by providing relevant learning environments for students from primary right upto G.C.E.(A/L).

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The inspiring atmosphere at Chundikuli, has helped in identifying and developing the highest potentials of the individuals and moulding them intellectually, morally, and spiritually and launching them into the society at large to hold eminent positions. The classroom environment encourages individual accountability and achievement, and the educational program is designed to encourage the successful completion of the department curriculum and certification. Our focus on values, facilitates each student’s personal growth and character development.
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Chundikuli Girls College College is one of the distinguish private schools in Nothern Sri Lanka. Founded by the Church Mission Society of the Anglican Church, it has a long tradition of empowering girls through education. Currently, the school has about 1400 students on its roll and classes range in size from 20 to 30.

Most of our students begin their school career at Chundikuli Girls College in year 1. They then enter the main school when formal schooling starts at 5+ years of age and spend thirteen years in school.
Chundikuli Girls College, we are committed to nurturing students who are recognizable not only by their achievements both in academic and Co- curricular areas, but also by their strength of character, spiritual awareness and commitment, sense of social responsibility, and their independence of thought.

Our Values

* We value relationships
* All people are treated fairly, with respect and kindness, care and compassion.
* We appreciate diversity
* Understanding and tolerance, acceptance and inclusion are our practice.
* We act with integrity
* Ethical behaviour is upheld. With responsibility, accountability and honesty we acknowledge the        rights of all.
* We engage in service
* We seek to develop good citizenship and serve our community.
* We encourage achievement
* Perseverance, initiative, resilience and the pursuit of excellence are affirmed. Scholarship is prized.

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Location : Chundikuli Girls College

Main street
Sri Lanka

Tel Phone :+94 21 2222338
Email: info@chundikuligirlscollege.co

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