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Murukku Recipe

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Murukku Recipe

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Here is the collection of murukku recipes from Rak’s kitchen.

Thenkuzhal murukku, potato murukku, butter murukku, cashew murukku, kai murukku, mullu murukku, wheat flour murukku, tapioca murkku, pottukadalai murukku, puzhungarisi murkku, onion murukku, ring murukku. Click each picture given below for respective recipes with detailed instructions and step by step pictures and full videos too for some posts. I am a big fan of snacks, especially different variety of murukku prepared at home. I love store bought murukku, it is totally different, yet the homemade murkku has unique flavour and taste and less oily.

Especially the asafoetida flavour in murukku like thenkuzhal and certain other murukku. Out of all hese, potato murukku, the first ever murkku I posted in my blog, is my favorite recipe that I learnt from my MIL, an easy and different recipe which I learnt after marriage. And the mullu murukku with coconut milk that amma makes is the one that is different one I like as it is sweet and salt.

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Mom and MIL makes a murkku in padi quantity always big family and we all love snacking. Big drums, vaali (containers) will be filled with these snacks. These days since nuclear family, we just make with just 2 cups of flour maximum. That too mostly with store bought rice flours and lentil flours where as mom, MIL grinds either in mixer or in mills. Kudos to them, we can never match their patience and interest in terms of cooking .

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